How To: The Archives

Here at Uptown we regularly hold seminars and classes, in order to share our passion and know how. We hope that this archive will help you in your pursuit of musical knowledge


Guitar Recording Crash Course

What sound are you looking for???? Think about the sound you want. Can you hear it in your head? Is it something you've heard before? Position, microphone techniques, and the room play are a big part in the sound that gets captured by the mic/s. The goal is to get the instrument sounding like you want it to sound on the recording.



You have your guitar, you have your amp, and now you're trying to find the sounds of your favorite guitarists, songs, or the one that's in your head!

But how? What's the magic trick? Well, let's take this one step at a time and demystify the world of guitar tones.


Bass Tone

What is Bass? When we speak of bass for our purposes, we are generally referring to the tonal range from approximately 60Hz to 250Hz, as well as the Instrument itself.

What style of bass are you playing? This question is twofold, referring to the type of instrument you’re using and the type of music you’re playing.